Micro-pigmentation is a fast growing field in aesthetic practice and beauty industry. Today, the professionals are taking advantage of this minimally invasive procedure to reconstruct and reshape eyebrows or to make the eyebrows bolder for cosmetic reasons. Not only this, micro-pigmentation is also a handy tool to offer solution to alopecia patients, by offering them Scalp micro-pigmentation, popularly known as SMP. In addition to this, the technique can also be used to enhance the cosmetic appearance by procedures like permanent eyeliner and lip micro-pigmentation. We at IIAM are glad to announce regular short term training courses for micropigmentation. The three day training course shall include all important aspects of various procedures and offer hands on learning opportunity under the guidance and supervision of our internationally trained medical faculty. The students, under direct supervision of the instructor shall perform hands on procedure on real subjects.

01. Certificate course in Medical Micropigmentation and Permanent makeup

The 3 day course shall give you a comprehensive training in all the basic aspects of medical micropigmentation and Permanent makeup.

Course Content:

Customized courses exclusively for medical doctors can also be made to include the use of Injectable, Thread lifts and permanent hair removal techniques.

Course duration: 3 Days

02. Certificate course in Scalp Micropigmentation

This is detailed and focused course on scalp micropigmentation. The students would, over two days get to know the comprehensive knowledge base of the field, and the extensive practice shall make sure that the students are ready to perform their own procedures soon after the course.

Course Content:

Course duration: 2 Days

03. Certificate in Medical micropigmentation, permanent makeup and SMP

This combines the two certificate courses and offers a wholesome training in the field of Micropigmentation over a duration of 5 day. Students get two separate certificates for the courses.

Course duration: 5 Days






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