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01. Eyebrow shaping with micropigmentation

Micropigmentation can be used for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows by making them look denser in the areas which have lesser hairs. Also micropigmentation can be used to subtly alter the shape of your brows so as to perfectly suit your face.

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02. Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia

SMP as it is popularly known can be used to camouflage small areas of hair loss or also to give a full head of hair appearance by implanting safe pigments in the scalp skin, thus mimicking the look of freshly shaven hair.

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03. Permanent eyeliner and Lip makeup

For cosmetic enhancement of the look of the eyes, Permament Eyeliner comes handy. A lower lash natural eyeliner is the most popular amongst all and is a safe procedure with long lasting results.

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04. Eyebrow reconstruction

For patients with alopecia areata totalis, or patients who have lost eyebrow hair during chemotherapy treatment etc, a 3-D reconstruction of eyebrow can be done in less than few hours. The instant and long lasting results are immensely satisfying for the patients.

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05. Lip Vitiligo camouflage

Stable and treatment resistant patches specially of lip vitiligo can be imparted natural looking colour of the lips by the method of micropigmentation in two sitting. The colour is long lasting and offers instant results.

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06. Coverage of FUT Hair transplant scar

Scalp micropigmentation can be used to camouflage the scars that are left by FUT hair transplants.

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Indian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine

IIAM is a private, un-aided skill-training institute, offering short term courses in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology to medical practitioners, paramedics and beauty professionals. Located in the city of Pune, IIAM has proven to be the leading institute in its areas of expertise.

Founded by Dr. Laxmikant Desai, MD Dermatology (PGIMER, Chandigarh) in 2012, IIAM is a natural outcome of his endeavors to offer world class and up to date training in the field of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology.

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Micro-pigmentation is a fast growing field in aesthetic practice and beauty industry. Today, the professionals are taking advantage of this minimally invasive procedure to reconstruct and reshape eyebrows or to make the eyebrows bolder for cosmetic reasons. Not only this, micro-pigmentation is also a handy tool to offer solution to alopecia patients, by offering them Scalp micro-pigmentation, popularly known as SMP. In addition to this, the technique can also be used to enhance the cosmetic appearance by procedures like permanent eyeliner and lip micro-pigmentation. We at IIAM are glad to announce regular short term training courses for micropigmentation. The three day training course shall include all important aspects of various procedures and offer hands on learning opportunity under the guidance and supervision of our internationally trained medical faculty. The students, under direct supervision of the instructor shall perform hands on procedure on real subjects.

Newly designed Diploma in Micropigmentation Online Course
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It was nice to learn micropigmentation under direct supervision of Dr. Gaurav Raj Chhabra. He was extremely meticulous and catered to all my queries regarding the micropigmentation. I have already done three patients in last two weeks and my patients are very happy with the results. That is what matters the most to me.

Kolkata Based Doctor

I wasnt sure what was not good with my eyebrows, but something wasnt. I always had to use a brow pencil before going out, but even then i didnt feel great about how my eyebrows looked. When Dr Gaurav Chhabra demonstrated me what can be done to my eyebrows with micropigmentation, i immediately went for the procedure, and now i feel it has opened up a new dimension in my face, and my face looks so fresh. I am extremely happy

Client, Bank professional, Pune

My eyebrows were very scanty on the outer side. Dr. Gaurav filled in some hair strokes, and now it looks denser and bold.No one can tell, if i got done any procedure. and results were immediate!

Gym Instructor, Pune

I lost the thickness in eyebrows since i crossed 40s, being a man, i was very particular that micropigmentation shoudnt give me a look of a 'makeup'. I was afraid about the outcomes until i saw myself in the mirror just after the procedure. People tell me they see some nice difference in my face, no one can find out what has been done exactly. The change is subtle but defines a face nicely.

Property Investor, Pune

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